Privacy Policy

At Fast Small Loans we understand how important it is to maintain the privacy of your personal details. All information provided to us will be used in accordance to this privacy statement. We extend our services to all parts of Australia and to any Australian citizen who has attained 18 years. We take all immediate steps to protect your personal information from all sorts of unauthorized use.

All information that we collect will be stored in electronic form. We have arranged a safe and secure environment for all the data collected. No third party can access your information without our permission. The purpose behind collecting your personal details is to help you get connected with the lender who can fulfil your cash needs.

Every time we share your information we will seek your permission. When registering for our services you will need to fill in a small form with a few details. We will utilize the information for varied purpose like- requests, browsing information, understanding your needs, etc. We may also get your credit information and employment details from various third parties.

The main motto of this website is to help you find the right loan deal in accordance to your financial status by trustworthy lender. You need to give us some basic information such as name, contact details, bank account details, employment details, etc. The main objective of collecting such information is to provide you the support required to overcome the rough times.

With us you can rest assures that we will reveal your private details only to the borrowers who can get you enough cash for your current problems. Our trusted lenders maintain same privacy like us and never disclose your identity to anybody without permission. However, when you submit us your details we will assume it that you are giving us your consent for disclosure, usage and sharing of your information.

You can find different links throughout the website. These are third party links and are provided for your reference only and can be accessed for your own convenience. We do not hold any relevance or connection to such third party links. We neither affiliate nor promote any of these links. You may access such links at your own risk. Before you give them your personal details we advise you to go through their privacy policy.

We will inform you about our latest details offers and organizational changes through texts and e-mails. If you are not comfortable with receiving such email then you are free to unsubscribe it. If you are visiting us only to inquire about the loans and collect information there is no need to provide us any personal information.

We have used every necessary step to safeguard your information from any kind of threat. Besides, we have also used all latest encryption technologies to protect your data. Still we cannot assure that your information can be accessed through illegal methods. The computers which store your private details are prone to illegal unauthorized access.

This privacy policy at Fast Small Loans is subjected to frequent changes and we are free to withdraw our services without any notification.

Rates & Costs

Small Personal Loans ($300- $2000)

An upfront 20% establishment fee of total loan amount + 4% Monthly Interest, No Annual Interest Rates

Example: You Borrow: $800 for 8 Months, You Pay - $1268

$160 (20% Establishment Fee) + $308 (4% Monthly Interest Rate)

Maximum Representative APR 199.9%

Loan Terms: Minimum 3 Months - Maximum 12 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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Medium Personal Loans ($2001- $4600)

Security may be required for these secured loans.

An upfront $400 establishment fee + Maximum 48% Annual Rates

Example: You Borrow: $4600 for 22 Months, You Pay - Approx $5561

$400 (Establishment Fee) + $63.19 (Weekly Repayment)

Loan Terms: Minimum 12 Months - Maximum 24 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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