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Unexpected emergencies can be hard on you. If extra cash is all you need to ease the situation then Fast Small Loans can help you. We are an intermediary and can only help you get connected with the reputable Australian loan lenders. Signing up with us will give you easy access to our services. Tell us your needs and we will try our best to link you to the right lender.

Lesser formalities and fewer paperwork makes online application a favourable way to apply for the loan you need. We help you take a well informed decision with our articles and reviews about the lenders. Find out the loan deals that are available in your state and obtain the deal that best meets your requirement.Small Personal Loans ($300 - $2000) are short term loans and are meant to be fully repaid back within a short tenure of (3 Months to 12 Months). The Medium Personal Loans ($2001 - $4600) are secured loans and pledging of collateral might be required as per terms & conditions of the lender. The loan term for these loans could be between 12 Months and 24 Months. Upon approval you can borrow anywhere between $300 and $4600. The rates and costs are different for both type of loans. Please check "Rates & Costs" section of the webpage.

A Must Read Info For Applicants

'Fast Small Loan' is not a direct lending company. It is working as a financial broker under ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commission) compliance. The ACL (Australian Credit License) number is 389610, and we fully obey the guidelines of NCCP ACT 2009. According to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, we are not charging any upfront fee for application processing. We are working with a number of Australian lending companies. Once, you submit your loan application, our system will send it to multiple lenders. The suitable one will contact you quickly. The approval of loan depends on your financial status and terms & conditions of the lending company.

Who Can Apply For Fast Small Loans?

    1. The applicant should be of at least 18 years old by age.
    2. Only an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia can apply for these loans.
    3. The minimum weekly earning of the applicant should be $650.
    4. The lenders do not accept applications from those, who already have two or more than two active loans. Such applicants are legally not eligible.
    5. The borrower should have a valid Australian phone number and an active Email Id to start loan application.

I am Centrelink grantee, Can I Apply?

Why not? According to the NCCP Act 2009, if you are getting 50% of your total from Centrelink, you can apply for a loan whose repayment amount is not more than 20% of your total income. Please don't get confused, here is the numeric example: If you are getting $380 out of $760 (50%) from Centrelink, your repayment amount should not exceed $152 (20% of $760). Please understand, this $152 will cover the repayments for those loans as well, which you already have taken.

Any Option For Bad Credit History Holders?

Yes, you can also apply. Before applying please understand, the lenders will accept applications only from those people who have a bad credit history due to some logical reasons but at present, they have a regular income source. If you don't have any regular income the lenders will reject your application. The lending companies provide loans to those, who can easily manage repayment amount.

An Easy 3-Step Online Application Process

    STEP 1. Please fill up an easy online application form, by clicking on "Register Now" button given in Rates & Costs section.
    STEP 2. Submit your application and wait for some time. The lender will review your loan application and will get back to you within half an hour.
    STEP 3. You will get your money in the bank account, after loan approval.

(DISCLAIMER: We strongly advise you to fill accurate and correct information in application form. The wrong and inaccurate information may delay or decline your loan application. Most of the times, the lenders take maximum one hour to transfer money in your bank account. Rest of the things depends on your bank and working days.)

Approval of your loan request will be based on what your current credit status is and your monthly income. It is the lender who will decide if your application should be approved and what amount of cash you will receive upon approval. Once approved, the money will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Small loans are meant to be used for financial emergencies and should not be considered as a solution for long term debt problem. Extending the loan term and failure to pay back on time can get you into serious trouble. Lenders will also charge you costly penalties, fee and interest payment. We at Fast Small Loans advise you to borrow the least possible amount and repay on time to avoid getting into further financial trouble.

Rates & Costs

Small Personal Loans ($300- $2000)

An upfront 20% establishment fee of total loan amount + 4% Monthly Interest, No Annual Interest Rates

Example: You Borrow: $800 for 8 Months, You Pay - $1268

$160 (20% Establishment Fee) + $308 (4% Monthly Interest Rate)

Maximum Representative APR 199.9%

Loan Terms: Minimum 3 Months - Maximum 12 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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Medium Personal Loans ($2001- $4600)

Security may be required for these secured loans.

An upfront $400 establishment fee + Maximum 48% Annual Rates

Example: You Borrow: $4600 for 22 Months, You Pay - Approx $5561

$400 (Establishment Fee) + $63.19 (Weekly Repayment)

Loan Terms: Minimum 12 Months - Maximum 24 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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